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New! Progressive® Insurance Boat School

An educated boater is a safe boater Boost your boating IQ! Learn the fundamentals of boating safety and have fun. Top-notch mariners from the Annapolis School of Seamanship will be on deck to lead an array of interactive “courses” including general boating safety seminars, proper docking procedures, a boating simulator experience, and tips and tricks to help ensure your safety on the water. It’s enjoyable and educational for the whole family!

  • Gateway to Boating Get an overview of the styles and types of boats and how they fit the boating lifestyle you choose.
  • Watersports Safety Seminar Gain the know-how you need to keep everyone on your boat —and on the water—safe, and ensure every outing is fun and enjoyable.
  • iNavigation: Learn how to use the resources available to modern boaters—from traditional compass and paper charts, to onboard electronics, to tablets such as the Apple iPad® to stay safe and have fun on the water.
  • Boat Systems: Learn how to manage your boats systems from stem to stern.
  • Docking & Line Handling: Does docking cause you stress? Let us “show you the ropes” with tricks, and techniques that can make docking easy.
  • 10 Steps to Becoming a Good Gilligan: Even on a three-hour tour, a good first mate is key to a great day on the water. This sessions covers the skills you need as a first mate.

Stop by the Progressive® Insurance Welcome Center or Progressive Insurance Boat School for more information.



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American Fly Fishing Schools “SIMUL-CAST” Pond

Fly fishing, casting & paddle sports seminars, demos & lessons

Learn all about fly fishing and kayaking! Daily seminars will feature American Fly Fishing School pros demonstrating:

  • Casting and fly fishing techniques in a 50-ft. long casting pond
  • Kayaking
  • Fly-tying
  • How to use a WASP action camera for fishing and boating videos and photography

American Fly Fishing School instructors will be available for individual casting and fly fishing lessons, as well as kayak test rides in between seminar sessions.

PLUS— Jack Montague will craft a souvenir fly for any show attendee brave enough to cut off a piece of their own (or their spouses) hair.

Kids' Fly Casting Competition

Sunday, February 8: 10:30 am–2:00 pm
Awards Ceremony: 2:30 pm– 3:00 pm

A fly casting accuracy tournament for kids age10 to 17 to demonstrate and improve their fly fishing skills, have fun and compete to win great prizes. No previous fly casting experience is necessary and all equipment is provided.

Kids can pre-register and practice at the Pond Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Grand Prize: A complete SHU~FLY fly fishing outfit—rod, reel, line, leader, backing, rod carrier
2nd Place: WILD WATER Fly Rod with case
3rd Place: SHU~FLY Max Drag Fly Reel
4th Place: One-year subscription to FLY FISHING IN SALTWATERS Magazine
5th Place: w Box of 6 A.F.F.S. custom tied flies

All contestants receive a complimentary prize of two hand-tied flies.

For more Information visit:


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Fred's Shed Interactive Learning Center

DIY seminars and workshops covering boat and motor maintenance, repair and upgrades.

Watch, learn and do! If you’re a do-it-yourselfer or boat owner interested in learning new techniques for taking care of your boat or motor, head to Fred’s Shed for practical, professional advice. Free daily sessions cover a variety of topics, including keeping your boat “ship shape”, choosing and installing marine electronics and maintaining gas engines.

Watch certified marine technician and expert wrench slinger “Fred” demo tools and techniques on actual boat and motor cutaways.

Learn how to maintain, repair or upgrade your boat or motor.

Do take part in discussions, ask questions and participate in hands-on clinics

Together, “The Boating Guy” and certified marine service technician “Fred, The Outboard Doctor” bring more than 50 years of boating and “wrench-slinging” experience to the Shed.

Click here to view full schedule

New this year—Fred’s Shed DIY Guidebook Seminar attendees will receive the Fred’s Shed DIY Guidebook, featuring export advice and how-to articles from Boating magazine.

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See the ALL-NEW Miss GEICO Racing Boat 

The six-time World Champion Miss GEICO Racing Team is proud to introduce the newest and latest Miss GEICO offshore racing boat.

The new Miss GEICO is a 50-ft. Victory catamaran made of carbon/kevlar. At approximately 11,000 pounds, she is almost 1,500 pounds lighter than her predecessor and is equal in length. She has a 12-ft. beam, which is 6-ft. wider than the former boat; the extra width will allow her to ride smoother at faster rates of speed.

Powered by 1075 Mercury racing engines, she currently has a top speed of 170mph. Off-season plans include replacing these engines with a set of 1500 HP piston racing engines which will enable Miss GEICO to reach a top speed in excess of 200 mph!

Watch Video »

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Discover Boating Center

Your one-stop resource for boating information and advice. Get started in boating or learn how to make the most of your time on the water.


Discover Boating for less than $250/month!

Think owning a boat is out of your reach? Think again! When it comes to enjoyable ways to spend your leisure time, boating is far more affordable than you may realize. Be sure to stop by and check out this special showcase of boats you can finance for less than $250 per month.
When you compare the costs of boating to a single day at an amusement park or a trip to any major league game, you'll find that dollar for dollar, boating is really quite affordable. See for yourself how boating can stretch your vacation and leisure time budget:

Compare Costs of Boating vs. Other Leisure Activities

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Boating is Alive & Well in New Jersey.

Boating is one of those pastimes that can be postponed but never totally abandoned. Long-time boaters will tell you there’s something very special about being on the water. It’s a pastime that can be as peaceful or exhilarating as you want. It’s also a pastime that becomes part of your very being – part of your psyche.

This season, more so than any time in our recent past, reinforces the fact that the boating lifestyle is alive and well in New Jersey, in spite of nature’s best effort to preclude our season.


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The Big Catch

Don't let this one get away! Have some fun with your friends and family by taking a picture with this year's big catch.

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Take The Wheel Photo Op— Boatie

Snap a Boatie! Take a photo behind an authentic tall ship wheel.

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Discover Fishing Seminars  

Fishing remains the most popular activity among American boaters, with more than six out of 10 enjoying a little fishing while boating! You’ll see that hardcore angler ethic in full force at the show in 2014, with more than dozen specialized ‘how to’ fishing seminars presented by some of top fishing experts along the Atlantic Coast. From black drum and black sea bass to summer flounder and striped bass, the RFA’s free fishing seminars can put you in the action in the season ahead.

Click Here for Seminar Schedule


Click Here to Learn More about RFA!


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Annual Wing-A-Thon

Think your wing eating skills are tops? Prove it at the show's Wing-A-Thon! First place winner walks away with a 42” Flat Screen HDTV, brought to you by WMGM 103.7 and Chickie's & Pete's. Contest is scheduled for Saturday 2/7/15 @ 4pm. Space B75

Listen to 103.7 WMGM OR go to www.1037wmgm.com for details on how to be a contestant!

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Kids' Boating 

Fun on the water—just for kids! Kids can splash around and navigate a mini lake in their own paddleboat.

Wednesday–Friday 3pm–7pm 
Saturday 10am–7pm 
Sunday 10am–4pm

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Meet Nickelodeon's Dora The Explorer!

Don't miss the girl that's determined, positive, helpful, caring and ALWAYS ready for adventure, Dora the Explorer!

Dora will appear at the show on Saturday 12pm-4pm.

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Kids' Create a Boat—Toy Boat Building

Let your little ones get creative! Toy Boat Building gives your child a chance to build a nautical masterpiece—a one-of-a-kind vessel using pieces of wood, a little glue, and a lot of imagination.

Wednesday–Friday 3pm–7pm 
Saturday 10am–7pm 
Sunday 10am–4pm

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Balloon Art

Kids can have a professional balloon artist make them balloon art.

Wednesday–Friday 3pm–7pm 
Saturday 10am–7pm 
Sunday 10am–4pm

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