Seniority Points

Important Information

Please note that there are several factors affecting the number of points which may appear or which your company may receive per show.

  • Show points indicated are the sole property of the contracted "Exhibitor of Record". An exhibitor's show history record will be carefully maintained by NMMA, and no trading of space, sharing of seniority points between commonly-owned entities, or other deviations will be permitted if the result, in the opinion of the Shows Committee, is to "leap-frog" over another exhibitor with higher point seniority.
  • In February 1996, notice was given to every Exhibitor that had ever exhibited in any NMMA boat show, requesting information that would assist NMMA in reconstructing such exhibitors' past show seniority point history. The purpose was to identify dealers and/or manufacturers that had shared space contracted by one or the other-either by a dealer or the manufacturer. In these cases, NMMA and the dealer/manufacturer will work together to rectify any point history in question. Dealer/Manufacturer may be requested to supply evidence of participation (copy of space application, floor plan, copy of Working Dealer form, badge, letter from dealer/manufacturer verifying participation, etc.). Such information supplied will be held in the strictest confidence.
  • Each exhibitor is awarded one show seniority point per year of show participation regardless of space size or number of locations.
  • There are "single-tiered" shows and "double-tiered" shows. Single-tiered shows only tabulate the number of years a company has participated in a particular show and use this number for space allocation purposes. Double-tiered shows combine both NMMA membership points and show seniority points--i.e., each year of consecutive NMMA membership + each year of show participation. The Progressive® Insurance Atlantic City Boat Show®, and the International Boatbuilders' Exhibition & Conference® (IBEX) are the ONLY shows considered "double-tiered" shows that use this combined number for space allocation purposes.
  • Show seniority points are maintained even if an exhibitor skips a year of participation so long as you are in compliance with all other guidelines outlined in the terms and conditions of your contract and so long as your account remains in good standing with the NMMA.
  • The seniority point system shall be used for the purpose of upgrading Exhibitors to new locations within a show; and, for the purpose of increasing the size of Exhibitor's space when such space becomes available for re-allocation among current exhibitors. Requests for space upgrades, increases and/or moves MUST be made in writing on the Space Request Form. If a request is not made in writing, NMMA personnel will not assume responsibility for failure to accommodate perceived claims for upgrades, increases or moves.
  • Either in the "Last Year's Exhibitors" section of the space application or by separate communication on company letterhead

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Name Sort descending Show Points Member Points
A Taste of Heaven 10 Non-Member
A.C. In-Water Power Boat Show, Inc. 15 Non-Member
Absecon Island Power Squadron/United States Power Squadron 19 Non-Member
Acryfin Coatings 4 Non-Member
American Legion Post 239 1 Non-Member
Antique and Classic Boat Society Mid-Atlantic Chapter 5 Non-Member
APO Ozar 1 Non-Member
Aquaficial, Inc. 2 Non-Member
Aquatraction of the Mid-Atlantic 2 Non-Member
Arrigoni Distributors 22 Non-Member
Atlantic Divers 1 Non-Member
Atlantic Towers - St. Croix Marine Products 24 26
Automotive Training Center 14 Non-Member
Bajio Sunglasses 24 Non-Member
Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial 9 Non-Member
Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association 7 Non-Member
Beddy's 1 Non-Member
Big Game Fishing Journal, The 14 Non-Member
Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbour 14 Non-Member
BoltBikes 1 Non-Member
Bombardier Recreational Products, Inc. 19 110
Boy Scout Troop 7292 4 Non-Member
Candock NJ/DELMAR 2 Non-Member
Canyon Club Resort Marina 15 Non-Member
Canyon Reels 12 Non-Member
Cape Fear Sportswear Inc 3 Non-Member
Casa Vieja Lodge 1 7
Cassidy's Marina 11 Non-Member
Cast Off Yacht Sales 8 Non-Member
Causeway Marine 24 Non-Member
Caymas Boats LLC 1 4
Chart House Marine Electronics & Outfitting 5 Non-Member
Clarks Landing Marina 23 Non-Member
Coast Boating School LLC 21 Non-Member
Coastal Boat Sales 12 Non-Member
Coastal Fishing 2 Non-Member
Comfy Life LLC 1 Non-Member
ComMar Sales, LLC 24 20
Connley Fishing 10 Non-Member
Coty Marine 23 Non-Member
Cutco Cutlery 8 Non-Member
Datrex, Inc. 2 32
Deep Creek Cove Marina 6 Non-Member
Delaware Adventures, Inc. dba Freedom Boat Club 3 Non-Member
Dillon's Creek Marina 19 Non-Member
DMP Automation, Inc. 14 Non-Member
Door 2 Dock, LLC 1 Non-Member
Dorsi Health 2 Non-Member
Dredge Harbor Boat Center, LLC 15 Non-Member
Dynamic Stabilizers 13 Non-Member
EdgeWater Power Boats 16 29
Electro Battery Systems 8 Non-Member
Euroshine USA Inc 16 Non-Member
EZ Docks South 21 Non-Member
F & S Marine Services. LLC dba United Yacht Sales NJ 16 Non-Member
Fin-atics Marine Supply Ltd., Inc 5 Non-Member
Fishmedia Corp t/a The Fisherman Magazine 15 36
Flying Point on the Shore 1 Non-Member
Franklin Trailers Inc. 3 Non-Member
Garmin USA 20 11
Gi Gi Enterprises 6 Non-Member
Gioia Sails 17 Non-Member
Gold Eagle Co. 1 19
Golden Boat Lifts 18 22
Good Automatic Windlass & Marine Sales, Inc. 23 Non-Member
Goose Hummock Shops 1 Non-Member
GPS Store, The 16 Non-Member
Grady-White Boats, Inc. 24 61
GW Performance Welding, LLC 20 Non-Member
Hank Sauce 9 Non-Member
Harbor Outfitters & Snap Dock 1 Non-Member
Harrington Graphics & Screen Printing 21 Non-Member
Haven Harbour Marina Resorts 15 Non-Member
Henriques Yachts 11 Non-Member
Hi-Tide Sales, Inc. 18 35
Hooked On The Water 1 Non-Member
Hurricane Boat Lifts 10 16
Hyducks Marine Canvas + Upholstery 3 Non-Member
Hyper Bicycles Inc 1 Non-Member
Iconic Marine Group 4 6
Intercoastal Financial Group 11 Non-Member
Island Boat Lettering 24 Non-Member
Jerky Hut International 18 Non-Member
Jersey Cape Yacht Sales, Inc. 2 Non-Member
Jersey Cape Yachts, Inc. 15 Non-Member
Jersey Marine Yacht Sales & Point Tackle 12 Non-Member
Jet Drive Exchange 3 Non-Member
Jewelry by Etchings, Etc. 10 Non-Member
Johnson & Towers, Inc. 23 Non-Member
Knot 10 Yacht Sales 11 Non-Member
LeafFilter North, LLC 3 Non-Member
Lee's Tackle, Inc. 5 38
Liqui Moly USA 1 3
Lone Star Marine 1 Non-Member
Lorelei Nautical Treasures 1 Non-Member
M3Tackle 2 Non-Member
Marine Trades Association of New Jersey 18 49
Marks Marine Insurance Agency 19 Non-Member
Maverick Boat Group 14 34
MEECO Sullivan 24 36
Mercury Marine 18 77
Mid-Atlantic Engine Supply 23 Non-Member
Monarch Moor Whips 24 39
Monterey Boats 23 35
MSP Design Group 17 Non-Member
National Marine Manufacturers Association 0 Non-Member
New Jersey Castaway Customs 2 Non-Member
New Jersey Outboards 20 Non-Member
Newcoast Financial Services 19 21
Next Level Marine Custom 1 Non-Member
Northstar New Jersey Lottery Group 8 Non-Member
NSME, Inc. DBA Si-Tex Marine Electronics 12 13
NYS Energy Research Development Authority 1 Non-Member
Ocean-Tamer Marine Bean Bags 8 Non-Member
Oceanpoint Marine Lending A Division of BankNewport 23 29
On The Water, LLC 13 Non-Member
Paradise Grilling Systems 1 Non-Member
Pettit Marine Paint 22 107
POP Board Co. 1 Non-Member
Premier Yacht Management 3 Non-Member
Progressive Insurance 9 17
Purple Products DBA Top Purple 8 Non-Member
Pursuit Boats 17 48
Quick Survive 1 Non-Member
Raymarine, Inc. 19 46
REA TECHNICAL SERVICES d/b/a Galaxy Marine Distributors 1 Non-Member
Recreational Fishing Alliance, Inc. 21 21
Red Baron Performance Boat 5 Non-Member
Regulator Marine, Inc. 11 32
Richard J Fisco 15 Non-Member
Riemenschneider Insurance Agency DBA Insurance Now 11 Non-Member
Riptide Marine Center 8 Non-Member
Riverside Marina & Yacht Sales 9 Non-Member
Robalo Marine 21 38
Roffs - Roffers Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service 23 Non-Member
Salty Dog Publications Inc. 24 Non-Member
Sandy Hook Yacht Sales 13 Non-Member
Sassafras Harbor Marina 23 Non-Member
Schooner Island Marina 19 Non-Member
Sea Dragon Marine Customs/GatorStep 2 Non-Member
Sea Hawk Paints 5 36
Sea Tow Atlantic City 24 20
SeaGear Marine Supply, Inc. 8 Non-Member
Seahorse Docking 1 Non-Member
Seaport Inlet Marina 5 Non-Member
Seatec Outfitters 1 Non-Member
Sheltered Cove Marina 24 Non-Member
Silver Cloud Harbor Marina 23 Non-Member
SiriusXM Radio 5 20
SlideMoor, LLC 3 Non-Member
SML Footwear Etc. 1 Non-Member
Soldier Solutions LLC 4 Non-Member
South Jersey Tournaments 2 Non-Member
South Jersey Yacht Sales 24 Non-Member
Steve Diossy Marine Artist 2 Non-Member
Summer Accents 3 Non-Member
T-Mobile USA Inc. 1 Non-Member
TACO Metals, LLC 11 54
Taconic Maintenance Inc 2 Non-Member
TD Associates LLC dba TackleDirect 12 Non-Member
The Clean Earth Project 1 Non-Member
The Fuel Ox, LLC 6 Non-Member
The HookCups 1 Non-Member
Thunderbird/Formula 14 59
Tohatsu America Corp. 14 33
Toms River Marine and Motorsports 16 Non-Member
Toms River Seaport Society & Maritime Museum 1 Non-Member
Tow Boat U.S. Jersey Shore Boat Towing 1 Non-Member
Transylvania Concrete Coatings 1 Non-Member
Trident Funding LLC 22 Non-Member
Tuckerton Marine Service Center 17 Non-Member
Tundidor Wealth Investment Group 3 Non-Member
U.S. Coast Guard District 5 1 Non-Member
Uncommon USA, Inc. 17 Non-Member
US Captains Training 1 Non-Member
Valhalla Boat Sales 7 Non-Member
Vane Brothers Marine Safety & Service Inc. 19 Non-Member
Viking Life-Saving Equipment (America) 20 36
Viking Yachting Center, Inc. 16 Non-Member
Waterfront Marine 23 Non-Member
WINSLOW LifeRaft Company 20 Non-Member
Yamaha Marine Group 24 86
Yamaha WaterCraft 20 36